Foreclosure Defense LLC has helped me with modification of my primary home and working on modification of my rental property. Steven Bernstein, kept lines of communication open plus we kept each other informed. Thank you Foreclosure Defense LLC Services for taking away much of my burden.

Sharon B.
August 2, 2014

Great Service!
Steven Bernstein has helped me tremendously in getting the appropriate response from my bank. I was worried at first and it turns out that Steven Bernstein was able to achieve the desired outcome! I would recommend her services to other people in need for loan modifications.

Siam L.
July 31, 2015

My experience with Foreclosure Defense LLC
Background: My wife and I have been battling our mortgage companies (yes, plural) for over 2 years. We have used a 'Mortgage Modification' service that did not do much for us but did keep us off of the foreclosure list for a year. After they fell apart on us, we kept up dealing with the mortgage companies (Our mortgage was sold 3 times while we were fighting increasing fees, interest, principal, etc.) or another year. In the end we got a letter of foreclosure from the current mortgage servicing company. We decided to get a real lawyer this time and did a lot of research so as not to get taken by another modification operation. We chose Foreclosure Defense LLC and were assigned to Steven Bernstein as our lawyer. We figured that she would keep us out of court and off the hook for about another year and then we would have to move because none of the negotiations were ever going to work. He started working for us on 4/27/2012. On 5/11/2012, she told us that we had been approved f or a modification. Damn, that was too soon I thought. We were expecting an interest rate decrease and, who knows, a decrease in the principal maybe but probably not. When we got the modification that Steven had worked out for us we could not believe it was true. It had to be a lawyer trick or something. In the end Marie got us a reduction of interest from 7.5% APR to 2.000% APR AND a reduction in principal of over $125,000.00! We are now back to living in our home at a reasonable interest rate with payments we can afford. Thanks, Steven! Just another note. Steven has finished settling our second mortgage with a buyout of 25 cents on the dollar. Yes, a 75% decrease on our 2nd mortgage. We have now paid that fully also. Once again, thanks Steven!

Chuck W.
July 25, 2016

It's a miracle
After my divorce I was left with no credit and a home in foreclosure. I was previously denied a modification and other companies I called couldnít help me. I was just waiting for the sale auction notice of my property. I had put this problem in godís hands there was nothing else I could do. I knew that only he could save it for me. Foreclosure Defense LLC was recommended and after my first interview with Steven Bernstein, I knew god had put me in the right place. I worked directly with Stevena, who was very efficient. My outcome was extraordinary; I call it my lordís miracle. The process took 5 months. My debt with OCWEN of 720K was reduced to 165K with a fixed 2%. I'm a single mom of three and there is no better feeling then being able to provide a secure roof to my children. Thank you My LORD & thank you Stevene.

June 29, 2016

Mortgage Restructure HELP!
Many, many law firms solicited me with fees and promises. Who do you hire? After 2 years of wasted time and money on 2 law firms I somehow found Foreclosure Defense LLC. My bank was a big part of the problem but I felt the law firms had their money up front and no longer had a reason to work I was in foreclosure and close to receiving a sale date. My prayers were answered when I hired Foreclosure Defense LLC.... and they took my case because they were sure they'd obtain a restructured mortgage for me. Steven Bernstein as well as others from Foreclosure Defense LLC kept in touch and completed the job successfully in a few weeks ....that which others couldn't do in a year. Thank you so much!

Steve U.
May 30, 2015

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