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Bloomberg Audits, USA

Foreclosure Defense, LLC offers full, court-ready Bloomberg Securitization Audits, providing you with the evidence you need to identify all vital parties to your mortgage loan transaction including: Loan Originator, Sponsor, Depositor, Issuing Entity, Master Servicer, MERS, and Custodian.

Our Bloomberg Securitization Audits include:

  • Bloomberg Screenshots of the Trust used as evidence in court of securitization
  • Copy of the trust pooling & servicing agreement
  • Full chain of title analysis exposing all breaks in the chain of custody of the mortgage loan contract, from loan origination to present, uncovering fatal errors in your chain of title
  • Analysis of all assignments & transfers in the mortgage loan contract, assignments, substitutions, appointments, Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee Sale, etc.
  • Robosigner report proving evidence of known Robosigners
  • Bloomberg loan level data including CUSIP number, loan tranche information, credit default swaps & insurance and loan payoff information
  • Signed & notarized Expert Witness Affidavit
  • If needed by the court, telephonic testimony of the auditor as an Expert Witness in your case, if the judge has any questions

Bloomberg Audits, International

Foreclosure Defense, LLC offers full, international court-ready Bloomberg Securitization Audits.

We extend our service to clients in the following countries (download sample documents below):

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Mortgage Fraud Investigation

According to a government audit, 83% of the mortgages surveyed contain violations and errors that may be legally problematic for lenders attempting to foreclose. This could result in borrowers having legal grounds to sue for financial compensation for fraud and clear and marketable title to their property.

Foreclosure Defense, LLC provides you with a comprehensive examination of all documents related to your mortgage loan transaction and foreclosure case to determine what legal options your current mortgage loan situation qualifies for.

Find out if your mortgage loan contract contains legal violations and fraud so you can negotiate a favorable settlement or sue for financial compensation, clear and marketable title to your property, or both.  Now is the perfect time to stand up for your legal rights, because the legal tide is beginning to turn, and homeowners are winning!

Administrative Documents

Foreclosure Defense, LLC Private Members Association Administrative Process is a targeted approach to informal discovery seeking to uncover and ascertain vital material facts needed to exhibit to a federal and/or state lawsuit.

This includes:

  • Federal Debt Validation Letters
  • RESPA Qualified Written Request (QWR) Letters
  • UCC Error Resolution & Information Request (ERIR) Letters
  • TORT Letter to Stop a Foreclosure Sale
  • TILA Letter of Rescission to Rescind (cancel) your Mortgage Loan Contract

Stall the Foreclosure Process and Lay the Groundwork for Litigation

Contact Foreclosure Defense, LLC and get instant access to powerful, proven, informal discovery/demand documents to stall the banks collection efforts (including a foreclosure sale) and lay the necessary groundwork for litigation. Get material facts needed to exhibit to your complaint and uncover key information that can give you the upper hand in negotiating a favorable settlement.


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