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Foreclosure Case Review

Contact Foreclosure Defense, LLC via the form below to receive a case review of your foreclosure and court documents to determine what legal options for remedy are available to you.

  • Discover if the party attempting to foreclose is actually the holder of the note, in due course, with rights to enforce the note, or not! Uncover violations of state and federal law that may exist in your foreclosure or court paperwork.
  • Uncover the facts behind who really is the mortgagee with legal rights over your property.

Contact us today for a professional review of your foreclosure and court documents to help you determine your best course of action.

Loan Modification Report & Documents

Contact Foreclosure Defense, LLC today and receive a detailed (40+ page) Home Modification Report and Auto Generated Loan Modification Documents.

Your Home Modification Report includes:

  • Industry Background & Compliance Requirements
  • Servicer Requirements for Loss Mitigation Procedures
  • Links to Additional Resources
  • Foreclosure Laws for your State
  • Borrower Eligibility Breakdown
  • Available Programs Summarized
  • Home Report Overview including Mod Proposal, Market Value Analysis, and Foreclosure Estimated Loss Breakdown
  • Auto-Generated Forms including:
    • Request for Modification Affidavit (RMA)
    • Uniform Borrower Assistance Form (710 Form)
    • 4506-T, Hardship Letter
    • Dodd Frank Form

Contact Foreclosure Defense, LLC now and get access to your informative Home Modification Report and Loan Modification Documents that can help you pre-qualify your Loan Modification Application and streamline the loan modification process.

Combine your Loan Modification Package with your federal and state mortgage fraud lawsuit and you can maximize your loan modification results.

Bankruptcy Documents & Forms

Contact Foreclosure Defense, LLC now to get the documents and forms you need to save money filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy pro se. Why pay an attorney thousands of dollars to file your bankruptcy when you can now do it yourself?

Following the 2008 banking meltdown some savvy real estate investors profited from lenders failing to produce the original wet ink signature promissory notes, in federal bankruptcy court, and were awarded clear and marketable title to real estate.

Contact Foreclosure Defense, LLC now and discover if your mortgage loan should be listed as a unsecured debt and get the forms, documents, and information you need to profit from the banks loss.


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