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Foreclosure Defense, LLC was founded in 2009 following the collapse of the collapse of the financial markets. Foreclosure Defense, LLC is dedicated to helping homeowners defend their homes by modifying and litigating against the servicers and securitized trusts which are the real party in interest. Foreclosure Defense has offices in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. The founder, Steven Bernstein, has a B.A., M.B.A. , Law Degree and is a qualified expert witness and certified forensic auditor (Bloomberg Certified ) who has performed over 10,000 hours and 450 forensic audits to date.
In addition, Mr. Bernstein has owned a mortgage company for 19 years, worked for one of the nation's largest lenders, has had a real estate license for 28 years, and understands the difficulties homeowners have in negotiating and modifying loans with the self serving large banks. Mr. Bernstein travels across to New York, California on a regular basis lecturing for Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, Los Angeles, Ca. as an expert in the field and teaches attorneys his techniques at fighting wrongful foreclosure actions. Mr. Bernstein is one of the country’s foremost experts on the extended right to cancel through rescission , bankruptcy techniques in filing Proof of Claims in Chap. 13 BK cases, and overall stopping foreclosure. Mr. Bernstein can be seen on Youtube by typing in Steven Bernstein, Stop Foreclosure, Atlanta.

Foreclosure Defense, LLC maintains a legal team of qualified attorneys, researchers, paralegals, process servers, expert witnesses, forensic auditors, and can help homeowners in all 50 states. On modifications, Foreclosure Defense, LLC uses a sophisticated software program which utilizes the same software ( Imminent Default Index- IDI) that the banks and servicers use in qualifying homeowners for modifications. Foreclosure Defense, LLC advises homeowners to use a professional to help prepare their modification packages as it is very easy to make mistakes in one’s calculations of expenses or income that could result in being turned down. The banks and servicers tend to pay more attention to loan modification packages prepared on attorney’s letterheads and are professionally prepared !!!!!

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He never missed a payment, but the bank still foreclosed on his home anyway
Homeowners say they're being preyed upon by mortgage industry


On the legal side, Foreclosure Defense, LLC has a successful model and track record of restructuring loans through litigation and mediation. Foreclosure Defense understands the securitization process and utilizes Bloomberg forensic audits which show screenshots of the actual trusts , loan details, title searches to document “robo signed” or fraudulent assignments as evidence of wrongdoing by wall street . Many times these faulty assignments can result in break in the chain of title and can stop a foreclosure sale.

Foreclosure Defense, LLC has a team of four attorneys in New York which are capable of litigating against wall street at the source of the problem. Many of our legal cases are filed in the Southern District of New York which is where the largest cases and damages have been settled against the nation’s largest banks. Very often the threat of a long, expensive, lawsuit in New York puts pressure on the servicer or bank to modify a homeowners loan. In many instances where a homeowner has been in their home over 3 years past due on the mortgage the lender automatically denies the modification. Litigation is the only alternative to save the home.

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